Hawaiian Honey Blossom Travel Candle

Hawaiian Honey Blossom Travel Candle


Take your favourite scent with you with our travel sized Hawaiian Honey Blossom candles. Our travel collection was designed specifically for its convenience in size, without sacrificing the elegant design our brand is known for. At Dogwood Candle Co. we understand the stress of luggage space and our compact 8.5” circumference travel tins will enable you to enrich your holiday experience

With a burn time of approx. 12 hours, we are sure our travel collection will add the perfect touch of luxury to any holiday.

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Candle Care:

Its important to trim your wicks after each use to get the full quality experience of our candles. The wick should be trimmed to a length of 5mm to prevent smoke. As candles have a burn memory, so when first lighting the candle make sure that the wax has melted on the surface to ensure even burning through out your candles life. Ensure you burn the candle on a flat heatproof surface away from curtains and out of reach of pets and children when lit.