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This sweet and fruity fragrance is hard to resist. This fruit based scent’s irresistible fragrance not only engages the nose but creates a warm atmosphere in the room. Complimented by the divine fragrance of Japanese Cherry Blossom this scent is definitely one for those with a sweet tooth!

Top Note: Pomegranate.

Bottom Note: Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Large | 350g | Approximate burn time 80 hours

Medium | 200g | Approximate burn time 40 hours

Small | 80g | Approximate burn time 10 hours

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Candle Care:

Its important to trim your wicks after each use to get the full quality experience of our candles. The wick should be trimmed to a length of 5mm to prevent smoke. As candles have a burn memory, so when first lighting the candle make sure that the wax has melted on the surface to ensure even burning through out your candles life. Ensure you burn the candle on a flat heatproof surface away from curtains and out of reach of pets and children when lit.